Loss Control

As a member of the Georgia Education Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund, you will receive the finest and most thorough Loss Control services available today. Our Loss Control services are free of charge to members of the Trust. We offer a wide variety of safety training for employees, including pre-planning and post-planning training sessions which are very effective in the effort to get workers thinking about how they can recognize hazards and avoid accidents.

Some of the services available with our program are:

  • Dedicated Loss Control Consultant
  • Customized Safety/Loss Prevention Plan
  • Safety training for your departments with the exception of Department of Transportation training. However, we do offer other safety training for hazards unique to bus drivers and monitors.
  • Assistance with Accident Investigations
  • Quarterly Walkthrough Facility Inspections
    • We encourage principals or assistant principals to accompany us through their schools where we look for hazards that can lead to accidents if left unattended
  • We ensure a valid panel of physicians is posted throughout each facility and up to date. If not we work closely with you to get the panels you need.
  • Loss Control Resources

The administration in schools has a tremendous responsibility and we hope to ease safety concerns by preventative measures such as the walkthroughs and other training during our visit. Our goal at GEWCT is to establish a long term partnership with administration in each of the schools and locations during the walks to help identify potential hazards that may result in injury and begin implementing best practices of safety in the everyday routine of school. We understand this takes time but our commitment to keeping each employee safe is what drives us to teach administration ways to identify hazards for the days we are not there.

GEWCT’s Loss Control mission is to help employees see the hazards and abate them before the accident occurs. Keeping employees safe is the job of our Loss Control department so don’t gamble that all employees are working safely. Let us help you know for sure.

Feel free to contact us and ask about all our services.